Sunday 16 July 2023

Lucifer, Our Next Worry

     We have been worrying about Lucifer’s health for a couple of months now.  She started peeing a lot, causing me to empty her litter box twice as often as before.  She drank water like crazy and began spending almost all of her time sleeping.  The vet indicated the start of diabetes.  We decided not to go the route of giving her shots every day, because she is such a feisty cat and it would just cause her constant agitation, so we decided to pretty much let Nature take its course.  We did start feeding her more treat food like chicken, fish, and cheese.

    Lucifer’s health really didn’t decline, she still had energy and spunk and kept the same routine.  However, five days ago, she spent the whole day sleeping on the floor instead of her preferred spots.  She didn’t eat and didn’t move.  When I went to bed that night, I expected to wake up and find her dead, but the next morning, she was still breathing.  Her behavior was pretty much the same for the following couple of days.  She drank, slept, but didn’t eat.    She did begin to jump up on the old couch to sleep in her favorite spot though.

    Then she surprised us and began to come down stairs to use her litter box.  (She refused to use it when we moved it upstairs where she slept, so I moved it back downstairs to its normal location.)  Yesterday she wanted to go outside and she stayed there in the flower bed beside the house for hours. 

    Last night when Kona and I were in bed, I was surprised when Lucifer jumped up to cuddle beside me, like she used to do.  As is her habit, when I turned on the radio, which I do when I am ready to sleep, Lucifer jumped off the bed went to her sleeping spot.  

    This morning, for the first time in a while, part of her food had been eaten.  This seemed like a good sign, but she is now so thin and light, I don’t know if she is actually going to recover.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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