Tuesday 11 July 2023

That Can't Be Kona With That Cat

    Whenever we travel up to Prince George, we always leave Kona at the Robson Valley Pet Hostel for the day.  Ann Swartz owner of the kennel, grooms and spoils Kona in our absence.  Ann writes an interesting blog about her adventures with the animals she takes care of, and often features photos of the pets in her care, posting them on her blog:


    She posted this touching photo of Kona and the kennel cat the other day and generously let me borrow it for this blog.

    I couldn’t believe the photo when I first saw it.  Whenever Kona is at home, her interactions with Lucifer, our cat, is tense and often antagonistic.  It was quite surprising to see this other side of Kona.  Of course most of the problem at home is because of Lucifer’s prickly personality.  She is very intolerant of Kona, especially when Kona, in her curiosity, gets close to Lucy.  

    Kona is not without blame, she is often jealous of Lucifer and will sometimes act aggressively toward her.  It would be so nice to see Kona and Lucifer exhibit a more peaceful relationship with Lucifer, like what she is showing to the cat in Ann’s photo.

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