Sunday 23 July 2023


     During the summer we can’t really see the sunset from our house because of the trees, but every Saturday, when we return from visiting friends, we get to see the sun dipping at the far end of the Valley, if the weather is right.  Last night’s sunset was a strange one, as was the evening.  I pulled over and stopped so I could take a photo, and when I opened the door, I was buffeted by strong gusts of wind.  It was hard to keep the camera steady because the wind kept forcing the car door that I was using to steady myself, against me.

    As we were stopped there, an acquaintance who lived in the area came by on her bicycle and we started talking.  She surprised us by telling of another acquaintance who also lived nearby, who had just suddenly died of a heart attack after chasing his escaped cows.   We also learned more about the condition of another acquaintance, who had just been released from the hospital in Prince George, with a serious, but undiagnosed affliction.

    It all made for a strange and memorable stop; with the unusual sunset, the very strong wind, and the bad news about people we know.

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