Wednesday 12 July 2023

Hellish Air

    One might expect that living in an isolated rural mountain valley might protect one from hazardous air pollution, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.  We woke up again this morning to yet another blanket of forest fire smoke from distant infernos.  We have been getting day after day of this smoke.

    Now to add to the toxic mix is a very thick blanket of dust, the result of BC’s Highway Ministry, deciding to go cheap by seal coating Highway 16 instead of putting down proper asphalt pavement.  Seal coating means they put down some thick oil on the highway, then cover it with a layer of gravel on top.  Eventually, all the traffic will pound the gravel into the oil, but that takes time, and until then, every vehicle that goes over it, throws up thick dust from the gravel and the odd rock.

    Adding to our quality of life will be the noise made by driving over the seal coated surface.  It sounds similar to driving on a gravel road, so turn up your radio.   It is not very fun to bike on seal coating either.  Below is a photo I took this morning as we approached the intersection of Highway 16 and McBride Main Street.

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