Monday 17 July 2023

Rain, But the Smoke Continues

    I took these photos two days ago when the smoke from distant forest fires was particularly bad.  Yesterday we had some thunderstorms that seemed to clean the sky somewhat, but today the smoke is back obscuring our mountains again.  Of course if the forest fires were closer, things would be a lot worse, but day after day of this smoke is depressing and does wear a person down. 

    I have tried to avoid doing any kind of strenuous work outside, because that sucks more of the fine particles from the smoke, deeper into your lungs, so about all I have been doing is picking my peas, the strawberries, and the raspberries; things that need to be done, and don’t make me breathe hard.

    While I am very happy to see the rain showers that are coming in, poor Kona is terrified with the thunder that has come with them.  She trembles and shivers and cannot be calmed.  It has been especially bad if the storms come at night.  Suddenly, I am awakened by a freaked-out canine, who drapes herself across my neck and head, and won’t be moved.  

    I now hear rain drops falling on our metal roof, so I guess I will postpone this morning’s pea picking until later.

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