Thursday 6 July 2023

Making Mulch in the Rain Showers

    Every year I have to cut the grasses and weeds growing in the pasture, because I no longer have grazing animals.  Rather than letting the cut grasses and weeds just lie there on the ground and rot, I turn it into mulch for the garden.   I use it to mulch around the vegetables that I grow.  The mulch keeps the weeds down in the rows between the vegetables and at the same time it keeps the soil moisture in, and slowly fertilizes the garden as it decomposes further.

    When I make mulch, the old saying, “Make hay while the sunshines.” is reversed.  I cut the weeds and pile them during or immediately after, a rain shower.  I gather and pile the “hay” I cut, while it is wet, this moisture allows mold and fungi to grow inside the piles, which destroys the grass and weed seeds and starts the degradation of the plants. 

    I let the moist piles sit for a week, so the mold and fungi grows and spreads inside the pile.  I then load the moldy pile into the wheelbarrow and haul it to big pile of mulch, that I have close to the garden.  This allows the molds and fungi to spread further into new areas of the mulch, .  Below is a photo showing the moldy mulch in the wheelbarrow as I move it to my big mulch pile by the garden.   The white areas are the mold.

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