Tuesday 25 July 2023

Peeing Outside

    One of the things I have always liked about our place was its privacy.  We can’t see any other houses from our house.  A neighbor, whose house was likewise situated, once told me that he really liked the fact that he could just go outside to take a whiz, and that made me realize that I too appreciated that freedom, not that I make use of it all the time.

    However lately, thanks to Kona, I have been peeing outside more and more, .  Kona recently discovered that on those hot days, one of the coolest places where she could sleep was in our bathroom.  Now often, when I need to take a pee, I discover that our bathroom is already “Occupied”.   Fortunately, because of our rural setting, that doesn’t present a problem; whenever I don’t wish to disturb Kona, I just head outside.

    Decades ago, realizing that the large group of family members who were coming for a visit might cause scheduling difficulties in our small bathroom, I got busy and built an outhouse.  Now with two options:  the great outdoors, and the outhouse, we can “Let sleeping dogs lie”.

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