Saturday 15 July 2023

The Saddest Looking Flower Display Ever

    We usually have a lot of attractive pots, planters, and hanging baskets full of flowers around our house every summer, but this year it just didn’t happen.  We generally buy some of the flowers at big box stores in Prince George, but we learned that most of those are started using seeds coated with the toxic Neonicotinoids that are ingested by the plants and in their flowers, eventually slowly killing the bees and other pollinators.  We didn’t want to do that so didn’t buy any flowers there.

    We thought instead we would buy flowers grown by trusted growers in the Robson Valley.  Unfortunately, the main grower is always very late at getting his plants out, and by the time we learned he was open, all of the good flowers were gone.  However, he had a final sale in McBride, and my wife was able to buy a couple of his leftover struggling dregs, which we then planted in the big pot that we put on the old birch stump in our yard.

    The plants look laughable, but hopefully, now that they have been freed from their tiny starter pots and planted into lots of soil, they will take advantage of their new environment and fill out a little bit and thrive.   It’s pretty embarrassing to display them the way they presently are.

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