Wednesday 16 June 2021

Tuesday Night Horse Ride

     While I always think of Tuesday night as our Jam night, it also seems like it is the night when people get on their horses and trot into town.  It has happened for two weeks in a row now.  As we are on the front porch of the train station playing music, we look out on McBride see riders on horses coming down the street.  

    They stop and listen to us as they visit with one another and their dogs check out the neighborhood.  There were nine riders last night (not all are on the photo)  I apologize for the ridiculous photo, but by the time I thought of taking a photo all the horses and riders were all facing away from us ready to leave.  That’s Lenny, our washtub bass player standing there looking at the horses.

    When the horses arrived we played a couple of songs featuring horses.  We played “Don’t Fence Me In”, “Turkey in the Straw”, and Randy Newman’s “Rider in the Rain.”  It’s always nice to have a bit of an audience even if some of them are sitting on top of horses.

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  1. What a better seat to have for your music, than on a horse!