Wednesday 30 June 2021

Fraser River Reaches the Road

    Every Spring the Fraser River rises with melt water and we have watched its water creep toward our road, wondering if it will reach it.  In the 40 something years we have lived in the Robson Valley it never has, but this morning when we drove to town, waters from the Fraser had started to spread across the road.  

    The extremely hot weather persists (38C,  100F today), so the river will continue to rise.   We are beginning to wonder if our only route out will be flooded.  Luckily we have enough supplies stored away to live on, if it does.  

    It is difficult to ignore the fact that weather-wise, things are changing.  We spent two summers breathing smoke from distant forest fires that obscured our mountains and blotted the sun, then last Summer intense rains saturated the ground, causing mudslides and mosquitoes, now we are into a record breaking heat wave.  Summers used to be so enjoyable and benign, now we know longer know what is going to hit us.

    Below is a shot of pastureland between the Fraser River and the McBride townsite.


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