Tuesday 29 June 2021

Stewed Tomatoes

    This photo makes my greenhouse look like a pile of junk, but please excuse its appearance; desperate times call for desperate measures.  The extreme heat we are experiencing (41C, 105.8F  today) is intensified inside my greenhouse, which has been reaching daily high temperatures of 51C (125F) or more (the greenhouse thermometer doesn’t go any higher), and I am surprised my tomato plants are still alive.  

    In an attempt to try to lessen the heat inside the greenhouse, I put up whatever I could find (feed bags and old pieces of Tyveck) to try and prevent at least some of the sun from penetrating the place.  I haven’t really been able to tell that it has made any difference, since the temperature reading yesterday was the same as the day before.

    It seems I spend my life wishing that the weather we are getting would change into something better.  Last year is was the extreme amounts of rain that was causing all of the problems.  I will try to be positive by saying the weather around here does provide a lot of grist for conversation.

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