Wednesday 9 June 2021

Evening Grosbeaks

    We spent a sunny afternoon visiting with friends on their porch.  While we conversed, we watched a group of Evening Grosbeaks shopping for sunflower seeds from the bird feeder.  Grosbeaks are unusual looking birds with their huge beaks and coloration.  They remind me of parrots and for some reason “clown-birds,” whatever they might be.  

    The Grosbeaks have been constant visitors at our friend’s feeder, so I suspect they must be nesting nearby.   During the winter I sometimes have a group of Grosbeaks visit my feeder and I have always found it strange that even though there is a daily supply of food there, they show up for a week, then disappear for months.

    I was happy to see the Evening Grosbeaks because their population is reported to be in decline.

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