Sunday 20 June 2021

Ghost Finger

    People are curious and often ask me if I can feel my missing finger.  The answer is yes.  My finger is "there" but it's not there.  It is very strange and bizarre and I would have thought that after a year my nerves would have figured out that my finger is no longer there.  If I lay my hand down on a table, I can feel all of my fingers touching the table top except for my ring finger, which feels like it is lifted up so that it isn’t touching the table top, but it seems like it is still there.

    I can “move” my finger; lift and lower it, although it no longer exists.  When I make a fist with my left hand, there is a tightness, like a stiff muscle mass is preventing me from closing my fist  completely, although all of my other fingers are closed completely to my palm.

    I am happy to report that I can pretty much play all the chords I need to on the guitar, although not as efficiently, and I have been able to adjust my typing.  My left hand is still sensitive in the “digital gap” where my ring finger was (almost like getting a mild electric shock) and unfortunately, every time Kona comes and wants a pet, for some reason she always jabs her nose right in there, causing me to flinch.

    I have adjusted and my life hasn’t really changed much.

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