Wednesday 23 June 2021

Curly Kona

    Because Kona can be such a wild dog, we have been keeping a leash on her whenever we walk her outside.  Yesterday I thought since I was going to be gathering hay out in the pasture, I would just let her wander around on her own, like a real farm dog.  

    Fortunately there were no wild animal smells around so she didn’t tear out into the bush to investigate, she stuck fairly close to where I was working.  It was a very hot day (30C, 86F) so when she got hot and thirsty, she waded into the pond to drink and cool off.  When she walked back out, her legs black with pond muck, so we had to give her a shower when we went back into the house. 

    I towel dried her and when I was done, this is what she looked like.  I was impressed with her hair; so curly and interesting.

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1 comment:

  1. She IS a beauty. Glad you were able to have her off leash for a bit. Good she stayed around you . When we start with ours off leash we tend to call them back every so often to get them used to coming back on demand. :) She is just a pup.