Friday 25 June 2021

S n a i l M a i l

     I am not a great fan of Canada Post, having had several run-ins with them in the past about their ridiculous policies and prices, but yesterday something happened that made me even more skeptical of their operations.  We drove into McBride to pick up our mail at the post office.  Among our letters was what seemed to be an envelope with a card inside of it.  It seemed strange because the stamp had a poinsettia on it, but I sometimes use old stamps to mail letters, so I guess it wasn’t that unusual.  

    The return address was that of an old neighbor who I correspond with at Christmas, but it was a bit alarming to receive a card from her this time of year.  I immediately wondered if something bad had happened to their family.  I cautiously opened the letter and discovered that there was a card inside, but it seemed to be a happy sort of card, which was a relief.

    Confused, I looked again at the envelope, and more specifically the postmark.  It was sent on Jan. 13, 2021, five months ago.  I was shocked.  I know it takes a really long time for mail to get to our isolated part of the world, but come on, 5 months?  Jeez.

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  1. More isolated than I thought... heeeeeeeeee :).
    Blame COVID everyone else is.

  2. I might try this one day, after I get the correct postage stamp.