Saturday 26 June 2021

Hot Times

    Years ago when I moved away from Southern Indiana to the Canadian Rockies, I thought I was leaving the really hot summers behind.  I guess I did leave the horrible humidity behind, but take a look at our forecast for the coming week.  These kind of temperatures shouldn’t be happening here.  The normal daytime high temperatures for this time of year is a very comfortable 19C (66F).   

    Beside being uncomfortably hot outside, this string of high temperatures is scary.  We are surrounded by forests and live in fear of forest fires, like those that cinderized much of BC a couple of years ago.  While I have often hoped for a bit more heat for my garden, this is not what I had in mind.  The garden is getting very dry and I have been hand watering it every evening.  The temperature in my greenhouse yesterday got to 46C (115F) which is way to hot for my tomato plants.

    This heat is part of the extreme heat that has settled over the Western and Northwestern US, and it has now spread in to Canada, covering most of British Columbia and the prairie provinces .  While we are not suffering like some of those other places, it is concerning.  There isn’t much you can do about the weather.

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