Monday 21 June 2021

The Beaver on Beaver Mountain

    Beaver Mountain, or “The Beaver” is one of the prominent mountain peaks that can be seen from the townsite of McBride.  It was always a bit of a mystery to me why it was called that when we first moved to the area and viewed the mountain from town or Hwy. 16, because we could see no obvious reason for the name.  Then many years later while visiting with friends on Hinkelman Road, I happened to glance up at the mountain from that direction and the name became obvious, because you could see a rock formation on the horizon of the slope that looked very much like a beaver.

    Last night while visiting outside with those same friends, my lawn chair faced Beaver Mountain and I just couldn’t help but take a photo of “The Beaver”.  Below is a photo showing how the mountain is usually seen.

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