Friday 11 December 2020

The Lost Glove

    As I have previously mentioned, winter driving is not my favorite activity, but yesterday I had an appointment in Prince George so I had to do it.  I had to get up and begin the drive in the dark.  Fortunately, no deer or moose jumped out in front of me, and there were not many transport trucks on the road.  There was compact snow on the surface of the highway, it was tolerable, but nevertheless I had to be very attentive, which is stressful.

     As I drove westward, I noticed in the rear view mirror that a colorful sunrise was developing behind me, so I pulled over at the Dome Diner entrance and took the photo above.  I also stopped at the Slim Creek Rest Area, before arriving in PG.

    When I finally got to Prince George, I noticed that I could only find one of my gloves.  I had hastily taken them off to take the photo and hastily threw them aside.  Damn, I hate losing gloves.  It worried me the whole time I was up in PG, and decided that on my drive back to McBride I would swing through the Slim Creek Rest area to see if it was laying in the snow.  It wasn’t.

    My last hope was that, maybe it had dropped out at the Dome Diner where I had stopped to take the photo. When I got there, I drove slowly, carefully scanning the snow as I drove by, but again, saw no orphaned glove.  I sadly accepted the loss of my glove, and continued on home to McBride.

    I had another photo opportunity when Mt. Sir Alexander came into sight, all shining brightly in the sun.  I stopped and reached over to grab my camera in the passenger seat and on impulse reached down to the floor below the seat, and there I discovered my wayward glove.  I had done a search there before, but obviously, not a very thorough one.  Finding that glove, though a trivial thing, made my day..

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