Sunday 6 December 2020

A Candlelight Dinner

    You don’t need a special occasion for a candlelight dinner, all you need is for the power to go off just before you eat.  That is what happened last night.  The veggies had just begun cooking on the stove top and we had just put the chicken wings into the oven when everything suddenly went dark.  In unison a sigh of, “Oh, No” reverberated through the room, and we looked at each other wondering how long the electricity was going to be off.  We then scrambled for the flashlights, strings of battery-powered color lights, and candles.

    We were able to get some information from our cell phone; we saw that the whole Robson Valley; from Tete Jaune to Dome Creek was out.  That meant 1240 people were, like us, sitting in the dark wondering what do do.  There was no information about when we might expect the power to return.

    We put the frying pan with the half-cooked veggies on the top of our wood stove to finish cooking, and took the chicken wings out of the oven to cool outside; to be re-cooked whenever we got the power back.  Luckily I had enough battery charge in my iPad to do some reading as we waited. 

    After 2.5 hours the electricity came back as suddenly as it had disappeared.  We had already eaten our veggies in the candlelight by that time, but we pre-heated the oven again and finished cooking the chicken wings which we ate in the illumination of electric lights and the TV.

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