Tuesday 8 December 2020

China Lily; We've Got Some

    There always seems to be some item that suddenly becomes much sought after.  In Europe in the 1400‘s everyone wanted Egyptian mummies, later in the 1600‘s, Holland went crazy over tulip bulbs, and years back I remember Beanie Babies, then half a year ago it was toilet paper.  

    I heard on the radio a couple of weeks ago that the sudden hot commodity in BC was China Lily Soya Sauce.  I didn’t realize it but it is an important mainstay in the diet of First Nation’s people in BC.  I suspect they were introduced to soya sauce when Chinese laborers were brought into the country to build the Canadian Railways, and China Lily seems to have established itself as the soya sauce of choice.

     It has suddenly disappeared from grocery shelves causing a desperate search for the condiment.   People who were able to find some bought it up in bulk, causing more shortages.  The run began after someone erroneously posted on social media that the factory that made it was closing.  It wasn’t, but the run and hoarding of the sauce reinforced the rumor.

    Hearing about the sudden rarity of China Lily caused me to rush to our pantry to check on our supply and I was gratified to discover that, as you can see, we still have a bottle.

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