Saturday 5 December 2020

Finally, She's Asleep

     All day long Kona is exploding with energy.  We usually take her on two or three walks a day and in between those walks, I walk her down to the end of the pond, and then let her sprint back to the bird feeder where she hopes of finding a squirrel.  Other times throughout the day, we let her out to oversee the neighborhood squirrels.

    There are four main trees on opposite side of the yard where the squirrels hang out and Kona continually races back and forth from one location to the other trying to keep all of the squirrels under control.  She never seems to run out of energy during the day.

    Fortunately come nightfall, she curls up into a tiny ball on her large round bed, and collapses into a deep sleep.  It’s a relief for her masters because they can finally relax as well.

    Now, if only she would be happy to sleep through the night instead of wanting to go outside at 2:30 AM.

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