Friday 4 December 2020

Covid Parade

    So here we are in BC; all social events closed, masks mandated, and “essential” driving only, but you would never know it every morning in front of our house with truck, after truck, after truck, of snowmobilers, most of which are from Alberta, zooming by.  Kinda makes you wonder about all of the Covid guidelines that are supposed to be in place.

    Alberta is the Wild West, sort of the Texas of Canada.  In Alberta they don’t like to be told that they should wear masks, or stay at home.  They are freedom lovers, screw the virus.  As a result, Alberta has become Canada’s hotspot for Covid infections, and here they come to share the disease with our tiny community.

    You might think, “Well, they are snowmobiling, they are up in the mountains, they can’t spread it up there.”  Yes, they won’t be spreading it, gunning around on their toys, in the alpine, but afterwards, they will be in our local gas stations, motels, restaurants, and grocery store.  

    During the Black Death many isolated villages blocked outsiders from entering their town fearing the spread of the disease.  Hmmm.

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