Thursday 24 December 2020

On The Trail

    We used to walk the loop trail on our neighbor’s property daily, sometimes twice daily.  It meandered through the bush to a couple of fields by the river, then circled back through the woods to my pond, and our house.  We hiked it all year round.  Then the people who rented the house on the property got two aggressive pit bulls, and our trail walking stopped.

    This year that renter (and the pit bulls) moved away, leaving the property empty, so I spent a couple of days brushing out the trail, looking forward to using it again. 

    Well we are using it again, but as you can see from the photo, it is not in prime condition.  All the over abundance of rain we received through the year has been seeping up through the ground and flooding several sections of the trail.  It made hiking it a real muddy mess.  At least now after a week of some colder weather the mud has frozen and solidified, making our trail walking a bit more easy.  

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