Sunday 13 December 2020

Assessing the Firewood

    Even though winter is officially still a week away, I am constantly keeping an eye on how much firewood I have.  So far this season it has been rather mild, but nevertheless I have gone through about a quarter of the firewood I have.   Most of that was Cottonwood and Aspen, and they burn quickly without giving off a whole lot of heat.  The rest of the wood is Birch which burns slower and hotter, so I should be okay.

    What you see in the photo is only one of my stacks of wood, I have another whole untouched row of firewood, plus a smaller pile tucked under the eves of my carport.  If we get a really cold spell, the pile starts disappearing really rapidly, and I start to really worrying, but I’ve got probably as much wood this winter as I have ever had, so I should make it through until early March when we don’t use very much.

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