Sunday 27 December 2020

Song for 2020

    There is something about presenting a list that makes people curious.  That’s is why they are so often used as “Click Bait” on the internet.   Yesterday I noticed a list of “The Best Unrecognized Songs of the Year,” or something to that effect.  Of course my curiosity kicked in and I immediately clicked to see if I recognized any of the listed songs. 

    As I scanned the list, there was nothing that I knew, but I noticed that one song, “EachOther” by Grace Potter also featured Jackson Browne, as well as a couple of other artists.   I wasn’t familiar with Grace Potter, but I had always liked Jackson Browne and figured that he wouldn’t be on a song that wasn’t good, so I listened to the song and watched the video which showed the lyrics. 

    I did really like the song and the lyrics captured the mood and refers to a lot of things that have made 2020  unique.  If you are now curious, the click on the link below to hear “Eachother”:

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  1. I have watched and listen to Grace Potter on LIVE AT DARYL'S HOUSE a youtube videos of the show with Daryl Hall and new artists and some old artists playing and singing. You would like it , I am sure . They are 'in studio' playing and cutting up. Daryls house.