Saturday 2 May 2020

The Rocky Mountain Trench

    I am always referring to the Robson Valley because that is where I live.  My blog is full of photos of the mountains that run along the sides of the valley.  The Park Range of the Canadian Rockies are on the Northern side and the Cariboo Mountains run along the south.  I realized yesterday that I rarely show you what it looks like up and down the valley, so that is what I am doing today.  I took these shots yesterday looking up and down the valley from Jervis Road, just east of McBride.  
    The photo above is looking SE which is the direction we take on Hwy. 16 to get to Jasper National Park.  Below is what you see looking NW which is the direction Hwy. 16 takes to get to Prince George.  Those are the only two directions you can drive.
    The Robson Valley is part of the larger Rocky Mountain Trench, a geological feature that runs roughly 1,600 km (1000 miles) from Flathead Lake, Montana diagonally to Watson Lake, Yukon.   The valley bottom is between 3-16 kms (2-10 miles) wide.  Around McBride and our section of the Robson Valley the valley bottom is 3 miles wide.  
    I think the Robson Valley is a perfect combination of both peaceful farmland and mountain wildness.

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