Tuesday 12 May 2020

Blue-winged Teal

    I never really know what kinds of ducks my pond will attracted.  I saw a pair of ducks swimming around in it the other day and wasn’t sure what they were.  I took this photo so I could later download it onto my computer, then dig out some bird books in hopes of identifying them.  That’s what I did and concluded that they were Blue-winged Teals.  They get the “Blue-winged) part of their name from a  bluish strip along the wing, but that couldn’t be seen in the photo I took.  
    Their range occupies most of North America, but this is the first that I have seen them on my pond.  I am not sure if they are planning to take up residence around here for the summer, or whether they just stopped in for a rest during migration.  They are dabblers, feeding off things in the mud, usually in shallow areas of lakes and even puddles.
    I find it very rewarding to see unexpected guests on my pond.

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