Saturday 9 May 2020

Can You See The Neighbor's Cat?

    I am always fascinated by animal camouflage and how well they are able to just disappear against the landscape.  The other day when we were walking the path around the pond, we came upon one of our neighbor’s cat strolling towards us.  (All of the neighborhood cats seem to spend a good part of their time hanging around our property)  Anyway it walked toward us, then passed us.  After we crossed the plank bridge, I glanced back to see where the cat had gone.  I couldn’t see it.
    Then I noticed some movement behind some Red Osier Dogwood branches, and suddenly I could discern the cat standing there.  All of those times I had seen this gray cat walking around in our yard, it never struck me how well camouflaged it was, but out there in the bush it really disappeared. 
    If it weren’t for it’s white legs I not sure I would have seen it.

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