Wednesday 27 May 2020


    I knew there was a possibility of frost last night, but being lazy, I just took faith in the weather report that said it would stay above freezing with a 1C (34F) temperature.  I gambled and lost.  
    Our thermometer showed  -1C (30F) this morning, and when I went out to check, sure enough frost had hit our garden.  (Photo of frosted strawberry leaves)   It’s too early yet to see if anything was killed in the garden, things like peas, cabbage, strawberries, and lettuce are pretty tough and can usually handle some frost, other things are safe because they are still underground (potatoes, and some bean seeds), but I worry about whether my zucchini, and pumpkin plants survived.  Luckily my unheated greenhouse with my tomatoes and peppers stayed above freezing.
    Our long winter had delayed my planting the garden for a couple of weeks, so I figured I was safe from a frost.
    Gardens are always a lot of work and it is often frustrating when something like a frost comes around and destroys much of it.  Keep your fingers crossed that there wasn’t too much damage.  

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