Saturday 30 May 2020

The Greenhouse Garter Snake is Back

    The other day when I was checking out my tomato plants in the greenhouse, out of the corner of my eye I noticed some unexpected color on the bedding straw I use for mulch.  It was my greenhouse garter snake.  After the initial instinctive panic of seeing a snake, I was filled with happiness, knowing that the garter snake was still around and was once again back in the greenhouse.
    I had seen the garter snake (the only species of snake native to the Robson Valley) for several Springs in a row, five or so years ago, but I hadn’t seen it since, but there it was once again, looking a bit older, but still alive.  It is about 2 ft. (60cm) in length.
    I am sure it is probably likes to be in the greenhouse because it is warm.  This morning it was laying on the cement floor which held the heat overnight.  It eats slugs and earthworms in the greenhouse.  It usually disappears from the greenhouse during the summer.

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