Friday 15 May 2020

Rolled Over

    Every spring one of the things we have to do is to get the winter tires on our vehicle removed and replaced with the summer tires.  Yesterday was the day I had this done.  There is just enough room in the storage area behind the rear seats of our car to pack all four tires upright, so they can be hauled to and from the tire store. 
    When we returned from the tire store yesterday, we left the tires in the back of the car.  In the evening we were going to drive to Koeneman Park to walk Lexi, and as we started up the driveway, I could hear the tires, in unison, roll back to the tail gate then, make the return roll up against the rear of the back seats.  I didn’t want the tires to continue to roll back and forth in the car, so I stopped halfway up the drive so I could remove the tires.
    There was an unforeseen problem:  I had parked the car on a slight slope, and when I was standing in back of the car and pressed the button to open the back hatch, the door opened, and then to my surprise all of the tires, together like one giant cylinder, came rolling toward me, almost knocking me to the ground.  
    It was a surprisingly solid hit.  The tires all had rims, so they had a lot of weight.  I staggered to regain my balance, then chased after the tires, which after being deflected by my body, had all taken a different course, rolling down slope in four different directions.  
    No harm was done, but in the future I hope I remember to have the car parked on a level part of the driveway before I start to remove my extra tires.

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