Thursday 21 May 2020

Free to Grow

    When I worked for the BC Forest Service one of my jobs was to keep the Forest Cover Maps up to date.  Those maps showed the species of trees, their age, and other information that grew everywhere in our district.  I updated the maps whenever an area was logged or burned, and when it was replanted.              
    Silviculture crews would go out every so many years to check on the progress of the new trees.  After many years, if the trees were still growing well, without problems, and needing no further work, the designation “Free to Grow” was given to it.
    I thought about that term yesterday was I was putting down the mulch around my tomato plants in my greenhouse.  They were in the ground and needed nothing but watering.

    Actually, that isn’t exactly true for my tomato plants, I still have to string them up for support and “sucker”  them (pinch off the small auxiliary branches that sprout in the crotch of the large branches) but other than that they are on their own and Free to Grow.

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