Tuesday 15 January 2019

Unexpected Colors and Light

    The name of my website is “Color and Light” because those are the things I generally look for when I choose an image to paint.  Yesterday we did one of our early morning expeditions up to Prince George to buy supplies.  We were traveling west with the sun coming up behind us in the east.  When we made a stop at  the Slim Creek Rest Area, I noticed the unusual lighting in front of us.  
    Slim Creek is situated in a valley bottom, and was sheltered from direct sunlight, the trees were just getting indirect ambient light from the sky.  The slope to the west however was reflecting the orangish light from the sunrise, the contrasting results of these two light sources made an unreal sort of feeling in my mind that I had to capture.
    I’ve mentioned before in this blog about how often you really have to narrow your attention when you are photographing.  In the image above, I just wanted to emphasis the contrasting colors of the foreground and the slope, so I zoomed in to eliminate most of the sky.  Had I taken the normal kind of landscape shots that people usually do, I would have had a lot of the sky, and the interesting contrast of colors would have been lost.

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