Monday 28 January 2019

Starting The Fire Every Morning

    Normally this time of winter, we load the wood stove up to burn throughout the night, then in the morning, there are still glowing coals left, and all we have to do is add some more firewood, and off it goes.  As I have been saying this has been an unusually mild winter here in the Robson Valley, and so we have been just letting the fire go out overnight.  This means that I have to start a new one every morning.  
    Doing this daily has really diminished our supply of newspapers and kindling--the things we use to start the fire.  
    Last night our temperature did get down to our normal winter range (-15C, 5F) so tonight I will load the wood stove to keep it burning through the night.  Then tomorrow, I won’t have to start from scratch, and can just regenerate the fire.

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