Wednesday 23 January 2019


    It’s treacherous out there.
    Our mild winter has coated our somewhat sloping driveway with sections of glare ice, hidden under a light covering of snow.  Last night when I headed up the drive to go to our music jam, my All Wheel Drive vehicle came to a standstill midway up the slope.  The wheels were going, but the car was not.  Then suddenly my car started sliding uncontrollably backwards.  
    Nothing helped, the breaks did nothing--gravity was in control.  As I slid down the slope, all I could do was cross my fingers, and hope that the car wouldn’t slide into anything.  Luckily the car stayed in the middle of the driveway until it finally came to a complete stop on a level section.
    Not wanting to miss the jam, I again started up the drive, this time with more speed, and although the momentum began to slow again when I hit the steep bit of the drive, the car continued forward, and made it to the road, which was ice-free.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief and I headed into the town.
    Remembering the trouble I had coming up the drive, when I returned home after the music, I carefully drove the car on the extreme left edge of the driveway, putting the passenger wheel in the middle of the driveway where there was grass under the snow, and more traction.  I made it down to the carport without incident.

    Our jam session is always a bit of a surprise, because I never know who will show up.  Last night was memorable because we had 3 bass players, all of whom were named “Len”.

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