Sunday 20 January 2019

Feels More Like Spring

    This has really been an unusually mild winter for the Robson Valley in the Interior of BC.  First we failed to have our usual “White” Christmas, something I have never experienced in my 40 years of living here.  Since then we did get snow, but the temperatures have remained abnormally mild.   The photo which I took yesterday shows some standing water on top of the ice on my pond, a result of our above freezing temperatures.
    Today’s forecast calls for a high of 0 Celsius (32F) and a low tonight of -5C (23F).  The temperatures we experience are usually warmer than what is in the forecast, so I suspect it will climb above freezing during the day. The normal temperatures for this day are a high of -5C (23F) and a low of -15C (5F).  
    An article I read said that the mid-section of North America is about to experience a “Polar Vortex” producing  very cold temperatures as we move into February.  It does not sadden me that we are supposed to remain mild and miss it here.
     Note: Now at midday the temperature outside is +6C (42F) 

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