Friday 4 January 2019

Low-Hanging Tree

    We’ve experienced a few days of constant snow which has finally made this winter look like a normal winter.  I have been using my snowblower to clear the driveway for three days straight. The snow on the driveway was not the immediate problem I had to deal with this morning when I walked outside, the problem was our Russian Olive tree that grows beside our driveway.  
    Last night’s snow was one of those thick and heavier ones.  As it came down it settled on the branches of the tree, and all that weight bent the tree lower and lower until the tree hung very low over the driveway.  It would have hampered us driving out, so I got a broom and banged on the branches, making the snow shower down onto the driveway (and my neck). 
    The results were pretty amazing, once most of the snow was off, the tree straightened up to it’s near normal position, again allowing us to drive out.
    After that job was done, I cranked up the snowblower and once again cleared the driveway.

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