Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Catnip for Bees?

    In an earlier blog I wrote about how this was the first year I have grown Hollyhocks, and that I curious about what color the flowers would be.  As it turned out most of them are white or beige/pink, which aren’t the most exciting colors on the spectrum, but the bees sure seem to love them.  In fact, the first couple of times I noticed bee’s in the Hollyhock blooms, I wondered if they had died in the flowers.  They were inert and sort of looked like they were stuck in there.
    This seems to the the behavior they show whenever they get into the flower.  In most flowering plants, bees fly up, get the nectar and fly off quickly,  but not in these Hollyhocks.  I don’t know if the nectar has some kind of psychological effect on the bees or not, but their behavior sure seems different in the Hollyhocks than in other kinds of blooms.

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