Tuesday 17 July 2018

McBride Peak Mountainscapes

    Once you get to the parking area on McBride Peak you will have to hike about 600 ft (180m) in elevation to get to the old forestry lookout building, then another 825 ft (250 m.) to get to the apex of McBride Peak.  Hiking along the ridge to get to the apex gives you plenty of scenic views of the mountains that surround you.  Above is a photo of the meadow to the east.
    After we got to the peak, we made the dicy climb down a scree slope (loose rock slabs) and then some “shoe skiing” through a snow patch, to finally get to the two small turquoise lakes where we sat down to eat our lunches in the idyllic surroundings.  

You can see my paintings:  davidmarchant.ca

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