Saturday, 7 July 2018

McBride Library/Museum Grand Opening

    The cold rain and miserable conditions did not dampen the enthusiasm of the big crowd that gathered yesterday for the Grand Opening of the McBride Library and Museum.  (I sometimes wonder why anyone ever plans to have any event outside around here).   People huddled under the tents to eat, after spending time lining up in the rain, for the grilled burgers, salads, and desserts provided for the celebration.
    Even in the cold and wet my heart was warmed to see so many people their for the opening.  Getting the library and museum into the new building had been a real struggle for those of us who fought for that dream.  Public meetings held, politicians removed from office, money raised, but finally it happened, and the empty building that stood empty on main street is now the beautiful facility for the library and museum for the community.
    Music by local musicians was to be performed throughout the celebration, but the bad weather wasn’t very cooperative.  Nevertheless, the stoic fiddlers huddled inside the tiny tent for shelter from the rain, and played their hearts out.  Our Tuesday Jam was scheduled to play later in the evening, and as I chilled in the rain, I wondered just how that was going to work for us with cold fingers in the small tent.  Luckily, the decision was made to move the music inside the library, were we perform every week.  So it felt like home, and all my worries had been unfounded.
    I was very happy with our performance, the crowds, and the whole event.  The new library is such a wonderful, inviting space and already I am seeing new people inside the library, checking things out or using the computers, taking advantage of the new facility.
    I feel proud that our tiny community has a beautiful new library, that is the first building people see when they drive into town.

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