Sunday 8 July 2018

Too Prove My Point

    Yesterday while describing the rain and showers that fell during the outdoor grand opening of the McBride Library, I said that I didn’t know why anyone planned to have an outdoor event around here, because of the high chance of rain.  Well, yesterday my point was proven when we drove by Koeneman Park and noticed a neon green sign in the window of a truck.  It said, “Wedding Moved to .....”
    Obviously an outdoor wedding that had been slated for Koeneman Park had to be relocated due to the constant on and off rain showers that fell all day.  
    Outdoor celebrations are nice, but a big gamble, when it comes to weather in the Robson Valley.  The same problem arises every time there is some big astronomical event.  You can pretty much guarantee that we will have overcast skies.

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