Wednesday 1 August 2018

Mossy Logs

    I have always loved lush green carpets of moss.  Living on the edge of an Interior Rainforest gives me plenty of opportunities to see moss.  Here are two photos I took at West Twin Provincial Park just west of McBride.  The area used to be a Forest Service Recreation Site, that featured a short loop trail through big cedar trees.  This area is different from the Ancient Forest because instead of a lot of that nasty Devil’s Club, it’s forest floor is covered with moss.
    It is one of my favorite forests to visit, but it’s trail, although still quite good is no longer maintained, and there is no signage along Highway 16 because it is on the curve and hill going down to the West Twin Bridge which is a dangerous turnoff into the parking area.  That means very few people visit it, which is probably okay for the plants and animals that live there.
    Anyway, here are the the mossy log photos.

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