Monday 25 December 2017

Where Does Di Find These Things?

    Our friend Di, always makes our Christmas a fun event.  She showers both Joan and I with multitudes of totally unique gifts.  She always writes clues to what the gifts are on tags on the wrapping paper, but the gifts inside are so unusual that we are never able to guess what is inside.  In the photo above you can see the gifts that Di gave me.  Joan got about the same number of equally strange gifts.
    On the left is a shopping bag depicting protest buttons from the 1960’s, the white booklet above it consists of multiple stickIt note pads.  Below that is an idea pad for the rare instance when I get an idea.  The little pale blue box contains custard and rhubarb sweets.
    Do you see the nose?  That is a cleverly designed pencil sharpener.  Besides it are two pens in the shape of walking canes.  Above the pens and pencil sharpener is a totally white jigsaw puzzle.  Its hard to make out the pair of black socks beside it, but one sock has fried eggs on it and its mate had strips of bacon. On the far right is a banana-shaped pencil case.
    Di really does her research, she always manages to give us things that we don’t have.  Below is one of Joan’s gifts from Di--a carrot sharpener.  Joan can’t wait to sharpen some carrots.

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