Friday 15 December 2017

It's Friday?

    I don’t think it is too unusual for people to forget what day it is, it would happen sometimes even when I had a regular working schedule, but since I have retired and all the days are pretty much the same, it is easy to forget what day it is.  It has been especially true this week when we had people over for an event in the middle of the week.  Since then the days have all been feeling mixed up.
    All day today it has been feeling like Saturday, and I have been several times jolted back to the fact that it is actually Friday.  
    Friday is usually more special than other days of the week.   Joan and I always used to, and continue to, celebrate Fridays (the end of the working week) by making a pizza Friday night.  Friday is also the day I send cartoons off to the local newspapers.  The pink dots on the calendar above are Fridays when I need to send off two cartoons instead of one.  (I’ve got to do that when I get done with this blog.) 
    There will be no pizza tonight, since Joan got on the train to Jasper yesterday to visit a friend and a pizza is too big of a project to fix if it is just going to be me to eat it.  
    Anyway hopefully by writing this blog about it being Friday, will reset my inner calendar and get me on the right day for a while.

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  1. Good luck with that. Especially since you aren't having pizza tonight either. Might throw you off even more. :)