Sunday 10 December 2017

I've Got Another Pair At Home Just Like Them

    In my defense; they do look a lot alike.  
    We fix ourselves a pizza every Friday.  Last Friday when we were just set to make our pizza, we discovered that we didn’t have a green pepper.  Our pizzas have to have green pepper so I volunteered to make a quick trip into the grocery store.
    I hurriedly put on my coat, then sat down on the bench by the door and put on my shoes, and out the door I went.  I drove into McBride, got the green pepper at the grocery and headed back home.  
    As I sat back on the bench to take my shoes off I noticed something--I was wearing two different shoes.   I had a walking shoe on one foot, and a hiking boot on the other.  I hadn’t even been aware of  it.  I guess I was having what they call a “senior’s moment.”  No harm done, I doubt anyone in town had noticed my footwear.
    The combination; shoe and boot, reminded me of some trivia I once read.  When B.B. King was young his family was very poor and there for a while for footwear he wore one boot and one shoe.  As a result he got the nickname “ShoeBootie.”  He was probably happy after later getting the job playing music on a radio show advertising biscuits to have that nickname replaced with “Biscuit Boy”.   “Biscuit Boy” was soon shortened to “B.B.” which probably made him even happier.

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