Thursday 28 December 2017

What's The Temperature?

    If you have one thermometer, you know what the temperature is.  If you have more than one, you don’t.  That was the situation this morning when I went to look.  The new “weather station” I got for Christmas told me it was -30C (-22F).  My old weather station had the temperature at -28C (-18F).  When I went to the old style thermometer outside the kitchen window the reading was -27C (-17F)and the window thermometer upstairs gave me -28C.  
    The two window thermometers are just a few inches from the windows which probably radiate a bit of heat outside.  My old weather station gets its information from a unit upstairs on the balcony, so that may be somewhat warmer than my new weather station that registers from a fence post by the open pasture so that may be why it shows the coldest temperature.
    I guess knowing the exact temperature is not that important, its enough to know that it is damn cold outside.

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