Friday 22 December 2017

Slim Creekj

    Yesterday we participated in one of those scary winter activities--we drove the 217km (135 miles) up to Prince George.  Driving to PG in the winter is not something we do lightly.  It is dangerous, but sometimes if you have an appointment, you have to go.
      There isn’t a lot of traffic on Highway 16, most of what you encounter are freight trucks.  It is a two lane highway, and whenever a big truck comes at you and goes by, if it is snowing, you find yourself driving temporarily through a total whiteout.  As you drive blind, you keep your fingers crossed that you are staying on the road and there is nothing in front of you.  Another problem with a winter trip is the shortness of daylight, and yesterday was the shortest day of the year, so we left home in the dark and returned home in the dark.
    It was snowing on the way up,  The surface of Highway 16 was hardpack snow, fortunately there was not enough snow buildup on the highway to pull your car around.  On our trip coming home from Prince George, the snow had stopped, but we still encountered three vehicles (one overturned) who had slid off of the highway and into the snowy ditch.
    Luckily we made the trip without incident.  We always stop halfway at the Slim Creek Rest Area to use the facilities and walk Skye.  The photo shows what Slim Creek looked like.
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