Monday 4 December 2017

Narrowing Your Focus

    Most of the photos I put up here were taken when we go out to walk the dog.  Here is another one.  I really like this one because of the way the brightly lit foreground and trees are silhouetted against the dark blue shadowed mountains.  
    I don’t think most people that were standing where I was would have picked out this scene for a photo because there was so much more sky above and more land and lane in the foreground to see when they looked at it.  Off to the right side there were other distractions.  I just noticed a small section of the entirety that showed the darkened slopes and trees and I was able to zoom into that small bit that I found interesting.
    If you are out taking photos, don’t just look at the total scene, remember that you often need to scan around the total view to try to find a small section of it that might be interesting.  In the photo, the clouds above what you can see were lighter in color, I just liked the dark part of the clouds so when I took the shot I excluded the lighter clouds and that made the darker ones more dramatic and emphasized the light on the trees.

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