Friday 8 December 2017

Oxbow Lakes

    Readers of this blog will have heard me mention Horseshoe Lake many times, since we often walk our dog there.  The lake sits just outside of McBride, BC.  (That triangular settlement in the photo is McBride, and the dark “U”-shaped thing below it is Horseshoe Lake.)  Horseshoe Lake is one of many oxbow lakes in the Robson Valley.
    Oxbow Lakes are formed beside meandering rivers, and our Fraser River is certainly meandering.  When you are canoeing down it, one minute you are facing north, the next minute, east,  then maybe south, or west.  It twists and turns back and forth throughout the valley.  Over time it will eat through many of it’s curves and they will be left isolated becoming an oxbow lake.  (Notice the way the Fraser is eating toward itself just right of Horseshoe Lake.)   Sometime in the future it will totally eat through its bank and cut off the curve, thus creating a new oxbow lake.
    Below are a couple of other local oxbow lakes.  Crescent Spur, and below that, Crescent Lake.  I got all of the photos off of Google Earth.

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