Thursday 31 December 2015

Ice Rising

    What you are looking at is the plank bridge that we walk over at the far end of the pond.  It is the water outflow, where the excess water drains out of the pond.  As you can see it is covered with ice.  Strangely, the ice level on the pond is rising with ice forming on top of ice, and has now engulfed the bridge and some of the low parts of our path.  The ice level has gone up about 1 foot or 30 cm.
    I’m always trying to figure out why things are happening and I think that in this case, all the rain we had a few weeks ago has flowed under the snow to the pond it then somehow flowed between the ice and the snow layer on top of the ice then froze, raising the ice level.  Every winter is different and although I always think that ice on the pond is something stable, obviously that is not the case, and all kind of things are happening that we usually are not aware of.

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